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The Tomorrow Men

Howdy folks! Long time no see huh? Well, I didn’t want to let the site run dry, so I’m trying something different today. I periodically have ideas for media that I likely lack the skill level to fully implement at the moment. We all do, but the worst thing you can do just walk away […]

Get Out

Get Out There’s a running joke that black people wouldn’t suffer the same peril as their white counterparts in a horror movie because they’d see the tells, grab a ticket on the closest NOPE train and be halfway to FUCKTHATVILLE before the first white cast member bites it. Hardy Har. Hilarious, right? Get Out is […]

Making The Switch

Making The Switch In the 2001 comedy, Spy Kids, the eponymous characters are outfitted with a bevy of radical gadgets to aid them in saving the world. One of these is a tricked out watch with a ton of stuff no one would ever think could be put into such a device. From GPS to […]

Mardock Scramble

Mardock Scramble Mardock Scramble is a 3 volume cyberpunk novel series written by Tow Ubukata and illustrated by Katsuya Terada in Summer 2003. It was later adapted into a 3 part film series (2010) and a 7 volume manga series (2009) – the latter of which we’ll be looking at today. Tow Ubukata, born February […]